1. I would best describe my jewelry style as:
A. Layers, Layers and more layers! They’re my go-to look.
B. I like to keep things tailored with classic, simple pieces. A little goes a long way.
C. Risk taker! My style is ever-evolving, and I like trying new styles to mix it up.
D. Sentimentalist. I love jewelry with quotes, scripture, lockets or charms that tell a story.
E. Glamour! I look for pieces that sparkle.
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2. Which statement best describes your style?
A. Laidback cool. I’m a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl.
B. Adventurous. I love trying new things and love finding ways to switch my look.
C. Trés Chic. I love updating my look with the latest trends.
D. Athleisure. I like to wear things that look good and feel even better!
E. Runway. Makeup, heels and a gorgeous dress? Yes, please!
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3. If you could get expert style advice in one area, it would be:
A. Layering and mixing my metals.
B. Finding versatile pieces I can wear day to night, work to weekend.
C. Incorporating the latest trends without dipping into my shoe fund!
D. Creating a customized look that’s all me.
E. Elevating my overall look to something more sophisticated, yet still on trend.
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4. When shopping for accessories, I’m usually looking for:
A. A certain necklace length or style.
B. Necklaces and earring sets for a perfectly pulled together look.
C. Pieces that make it easy to mix and match with jewelry I already own.
D. Something different that I can’t find anywhere else.
E. A special occasion.
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5. In terms of fashion jewelry, I want to find: (choose all that apply)
A. Styles that I can easily mix together or wear alone.
B. One amazing piece that offers major versatility.
C. On trend pieces that easily update a casual style.
D. Budget-friendly sets that coordinate with what I already own.
E. A stunning statement, or something that sparkles on its own.
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6. How often do you splurge on jewelry?
A. At least twice a month.
B. At least once a month.
C. Maybe 3-4 times a year.
D. Almost never.
E. Other:
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7. List any special events you have coming up like wedding, anniversary, family reunion:
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8. What’s your first and last name?
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